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Do you want to know why the COREtec composite floor is one of the best on the market?


Vinyl floors are often chosen by customers because they are water resistant. But can all vinyl floors do what a COREtec composite floor can do? We at ParkettWorld thoroughly test the floor before we start selling the brand. It will pass through the hands of our experienced floormen, who have currently been working in the flooring industry for 29 years. When we started testing the floor, we subjected it to an extreme test to see if it really is 100% waterproof. We put the lamella in the aquarium with water and waited to see what would happen to it. Will it twist, deform, fall apart, or separate the individual layers of the lamella, etc.



We have had the sample continuously in water for more than 5 years. And we can confirm that the COREtec floor is indeed 100% waterproof! The sample is not swollen, not deformed and still not disintegrating. When we imagine common accidents that floors are supposed to handle, such as a leaking dishwasher in the kitchen, a leaking washing machine in the bathroom, a leaking radiator or heating by a neighbor - our COREtec composite floor can handle this!

Come and see for yourself at our headquarters in Košice. As of October 2017, still submerged in water.


That's why our COREtec floor is also suitable for bathrooms, etc.


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Vinylová podlaha COREtec Hamilton DUB 8mm click

Vinylová podlaha COREtec Cirrus KAMEŇ-DLAŽBA 8mm click

You get one fantastic benefit: you have a uniform floor in all rooms, that is, you have the same thickness, the same temperature of the floor, the same maintenance structure throughout the house or apartment. No barrier apartment or house is easy to vacuum or wash with a mop, there is no transition rail or threshold to get in the way, and you won't trip anywhere. Our COREtec floor is warm and soft, and when you have it in the bathroom, you will never feel the cold feeling on your feet like when you walk on pavement.

Vinyl floors are chosen by customers because of good heat transfer. Many newly built houses have underfloor heating, or cooling. Our COREtec composite floors have fantastic parameters for heat transfer (5 mm = 0.0318 K/W m2, 8 mm = 0.066 K/W m2, 15 mm = 0.109 K/W m2). Composite flooring means that it is a mixture of 50% stone and 50% virgin vinyl. Stone means stability of up to 400 m2 without transition strips and thresholds, and virgin vinyl means a healthy interior because it does not contain any plasticizers, solvents, phthalates, lead, etc. By purchasing a COREtec composite vinyl floor, you will also ensure healthy indoor air!

Each COREtec floor slat has an integrated cork pad. It is the COREtec creators' manuscript. The cork mat, as a natural material from permanently renewable sources, is not only waterproof (because corks would not be used for wine), but is also perforated to allow heat from the underfloor heating to pass through well. It also has a leveling effect on the substrate, because it is enough to observe the unevenness of 4 mm per 2 bm (in the Czech Republic, the standard is 3 mm/2 bm, in the Czech Republic the standard is 2 mm per 2 bm). Thanks to the cork underlay and its composition, the COREtec floor is also soundproof up to 20db.

Visit our stores, where we will show you up to 250 decors, where you can choose wood decors or paving designs. The customer usually needs a longer time to choose his favorite from the many offered designs. And it often happens that he has to go through several visits and a consultation. The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee for the floor in residential and domestic spaces. The customer therefore wants to choose decor for life. Because even with COREtec floors, we are not rich enough to buy cheap things. If you already live in a house or apartment, it is not so easy to replace the floor because there is some furniture etc. everywhere.

ParkettWorld is an authorized importer in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. We only offer quality products and service for a healthy interior - that's our parquet!